Minorities in America

Recently, I was thinking about what it means to be a “minority” in America. The way I interpret the word is meaning you are a racial minority within a population but it could also mean a minority group in power without any racial tones to it. Looking online, I came across an article that states that roughly within the next 30 years, the racial minorities of The United States will become the majority of the population. With that said, I think that our government representation should reflect those population changes. My first reaction to this thought is…”that will not happen”. Even if African Americans and Hispanics become the biggest population in America, we will not see more of us in office. Why do I think this way? Probably because being a minority is not so much about a number as much as it is about having a certain state of mind and allowing others to control the political environment. Women make up roughly 51% of the population of America but only 17% of Congress. There’s something wrong with that picture and I don’t want this to continue. I believe it’s possible for things to change but we can’t stand by passively and expect others to make the changes. I am far from being a Tea Party member but I admire the party because they act. I see members of The Tea Party using the system to create the changes they wish to see….more Tea Party candidates in the spotlight and being elected. Mexican American’s are already a major part of “American Life” and we will continue to become even more so. If we expect the political system to evolve with us then we need to play a part in shaping it. At the moment, there is one major road block and that is our views on education. In Texas, it is estimated that the Hispanic dropout rate is about 40%..a very bleak reality. We need a shift in thought and values. All of this has been going through my mind the past week…perhaps its because I’m getting ready for another year of school. The soundtrack of these thoughts plays in my mind on repeat…”things won’t change until we do.”


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