5 Reasons Why I Voted for Jill Stein

I believe that Romney and Obama are both bad choices for America and have decided to vote for a 3rd party candidate. My choice for president is Jill Stein and here are 5 reasons why I voted for Jill Stein of The Green Party.

1. Stein believes we can help America by reducing the bloated military budget and reducing / eliminating the amount of corporate tax evasion.

2. Stein is pro education: free public school from K-college, supports teachers, and end testing.

3. Stein is pro green energy

4. Stein is pro civil liberties: repeal Patriot Act, opposes Online Piracy Act, pro same sex marriage.

5. Stein wants to abolish electoral college and get rid of corporate payoffs to politicians by supporting public funding of campaigns

I want to invite you to vote for her as well if you share the same beliefs as myself. If you want to learn more about her then please go here http://www.jillstein.org


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