GOP = El Grande Ol’ Party

In the post 2012 presidential election, I have found it rather interesting to listen the political chatter and theories as to why Mitt Romney and the Republican Party lost to Barack Obama. Many ideas point to the suggestion that the GOP holds outdated views that must evolve if the party is to grow and be successful. The GOP as we know it now, is a party of old, white, rich guys…a dying breed living in a world of ever expanding minority populations. Ideas?

“Let’s get more Hispanics to vote for us.” But how? Let’s overnight change our view on immigration. Immigration is what most brown Americans care about, right? It’s so shady to hear these GOP reps altering their marketing strategy to appeal to more Latinos for upcoming elections. Like a deceptive snake slithering through the grass, trying to go unnoticed but you still hear the hissssss.

Before The GOP goes after our votes, I think it is essential to understand the Mexican American mentality. You can start doing that right here….by understanding me. I come from a long line of brown people that have been living here in American for a while now…over several generations. Immigration is not the first issue I think about when deliberating who I will vote for.

How do I decide which way to vote? For me it boils down to which candidate is out to make the world a better place. If you, as a candidate, choose to side with big corporations then you will not get my vote because those big corporations are only out for big profits. Big profits come at the expense of our well being here in America. Big profits from war, big profits from oil, big profits by taking jobs overseas, etc…

The main reason I wanted to write these thoughts down before I forget is…I want to make sure that future generations understand one thing…in the future…the GOP may act like a welcoming party to Latinos but just remember…there was a time when they wanted all of us to cross back over the border even though we’ve been here por vida.


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