Freedom and Jay Z

Last night we walked through our city to watch The 4th of July fireworks and as we watched them I couldn’t help but think about how America is one of the best places in the world. As the fireworks exploded across the sky, leaving glittery embers and smoke trails, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for America and the freedoms that people have in this country. You have the freedom to be what you want in this country. To say what you want. You can start from nothing and rise to the top. You have the freedom to do the opposite as well. You have the freedom to be uneducated and worthless too…if that’s what you seek.

Last night made me think of Jay Z and how he represents America. I think it made sense to me that he is releasing his album right around the 4th of July. Jay Z is the epitome of the American Dream. To start from one of the worse environments and be able, through struggle and hustle, rise to a very powerful, wealthy position. I think that having a loving family that believed in him was a solid foundation for Jay Z to be able to rise but if he can do it then anyone can and there’s where the dream begins for the rest of us.

The rise to the top is something many of us have often dreamed about or at least pondered and Jay Z has done it. But my next question is, once you are there what do you do with it? When you have the throne and everyone is watching, what are you going to say? It is with that question in mind that I look forward to listening to the lyrics for a message because I believe we need a messenger. Someone of the people to deliver a message to the people…a message of love, education, power, and freedom. Not a message of terror, freedoms being eroded, and corporate control. I’m placing my bets that Jay Z won’t deliver…after all his message was brought to you and me by Samsung. 

Music has undeniable power. Last night I realized that music can be (and has been) the medium through which positivity, love and enlightenment spreads. Bob Marley had it. The Beatles had it. A consciousness. A soul. A message to the people. With the way world is shifting…we need an awakening.

Happy Birthday America.


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