It appears that a new ordinance will be up for vote in one of the largest cities in America and my hometown, San Antonio, TX. The new ordinance, referred to as The NDO, stands for The Non-Discrimination Ordinance and states that The City of San Antonio will adopt a non-discrimination policy. This means that any business that works with the city must also have a non-discrimination policy in place that includes The LGBT community and our Veterans.

Now, a lot of folks on the conservative right side of the aisle are upset, even though there is a clause that states that religious groups still have the right to freedom of speech. They are afraid that if they say hateful things against gay people that they might not be able to run for different city offices. This isn’t true. Apparently you can still say racist, sexist, or homophobic comments because you are protected. I guess the religious right can take comfort in that.

Now the people on the other side of the coin, they believe that everyone is equal. But they aren’t very vocal. Most people probably think…yeah equal rights for gays is cool but hey I’m not gay so I don’t really care that much enough to log out of Facebook and sign a petition or email my city councilman. They aren’t filled with motivational hate.

That being said, I’d like to propose an alternative solution to this problem. Instead of San Antonio becoming a place where each and every person is equal and protected, let’s pass a PDO, or Pro-Discrimination Ordinance. Think about it…if you run a business and don’t want to serve a gay couple then kick them out. If they are sinning in your place of business then they don’t need to be there. What other sinners can you refuse service to? Well how about Jews and Muslims….they don’t even believe in Jesus. What about people that have sex before they are married? Yes send them away! Does this mean that Chick Fil A can turn you away for being gluttonous? You betcha.  Imagine…we can have different business and even church’s too that only serve one race. “This church is for White Men only…sorry lady get lost.” 

We can have different sides of town where only certain races of people can live. Like…the East Side can be all black, the West Side can be Mexican, The North Side can be White. Downtown…we can keep it neutral territory to make things a little easier.

All I’m saying is this….if we can’t agree to protect everyone….then let’s not protect anyone. Then we can pass this and move onto more important issues than civil rights like sidewalks. Am I right or am I right?



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