Big Bang / Angel Dust

An excerpt from The Forbidden Universe by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince

“For a time after the big bang the expanding universe was too hot to be anything other than a dense, incandescent plasma composed of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons. As it expanded further it cooled, so that – an estimated 380,000 years after the big bang 0 the particles could fuse to form the simplest elements, hydrogen and helium. those two elements make up about 99% of matter in the universe. But if the relative masses or protons, neutrons, and electrons were only minutely different, not a single hydrogen atom could form…Attracted by the gravity of individual atoms, clouds of hydrogen and helium clump together, clumping faster and faster as they grow. The smaller the clumps, the hotter they become, until they are hot enough to kick-start nuclear reactions – and it is at this stage that a star is born, who deadly beauty masks its true self, a gigantic fusion reactor. Acting as unimaginably massive factories that manufacture more complex elements from hydrogen and helium, stars then disperse these into space where they explode as supernovae. Every atom in every molecule, including those that make us up, was born in a star light years away millions or billions of years ago, making even the tiniest newborn in some respects old beyond imagining.”


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