Evolution of Consciousness

I wasn’t raised in the church or with any kind of religious upbringing. We did pray every now and then before bedtime when I was young. I attended church a handful of times, but I’ve always been curious about where we come from and where we go after this life. Perhaps I have these questions because of my upbringing but I tend to consider myself a seeker. In my experiences, I have come to believe that altered states of consciousness can help humans communicate with “God.” I also have come to believe that there is wisdom to be learned from our ancestors.

At the moment, I have been learning more about Rosicrucianism. I only learned about it recently…a few months ago a friend, my kids, and I went out to film some different stuff around town. One of our stops was one of the Missions on the southside of San Antonio. My friend mentioned that there was an odd looking building around the mission with some Egyptian paintings on it so we went to check it out. On the outside of the building, I saw letters painted that read “AMORC.” After searching the term on the internet, I found out the building was Rosicrucian. Just that very morning I was watching a video in which the interviewee mentioned Rosicrucianism. After going home and researching it online a little I found out that the very next day there was going to be an open Rosicrucucian ceremony happening. These three events happening all at once convinced me that I needed to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony was held on Sunday Sept 22, 2013 and was attended by a diverse group of people, mostly older, but about 15 people. In the ceremony, we paid tribute to the great thinkers throughout history that have contributed knowledge to mankind by building a symbolic pyramid from small stones and afterwords we ate.

At this point, I decided to begin researching what Rosicrucianism is.The first book I began to read was an awful book about the history which seemed to just name some people without going into beliefs or detail. The second book I read I found really interesting, The Forbidden Universe by Lynn Picknett. In the book, Picknett traces the history of great thinkers that were direct devotees or influenced by esoteric wisdom starting with the emergence of texts called The Corpus Hermetica and a man named Hermes Trismegistus and it goes into modern day scientists and research being done that seems to suggest some truths to these ancient beliefs. 

The book I am currently reading is entitled, The Secret History of the World as Laid Down by The Secret Societies by Mark Booth. I am finding this book really interesting as well because it goes into more detail into the ancient beliefs that different cultures have held throughout the ages, not only tying them together but showing how it teaches the evolution of consciousness. 

From these books there are more topics that I am excited to study. Esoteric knowledge teaches that the universe, planets, and stars play an important role in human beings so I am curious about the zodiac. I want to learn more about “vegetative consciousness” that Booth describes as an early form of human consciousness. Aside from studying these hermetic texts themselves, I am also really curious about artists and authors that have apparently encoded esoteric wisdom into their art, for example Frank Baum and Wizard of Oz, The Little Prince, Duchamp’s Bride Laid Bare, Sleeping Beauty,


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