My Favorite Places in My Hood

Here are my top 5 favorite places to go to in my neighborhood.

1. Burrito Tapatio – Located at 3008 West Ave just off the corner of Basse, is a special Mexican restaurant. Just about everything on the menu is delicious, the waitresses are cool, and they have a drive thru if you are on the go. When judging a Mexican restaurant, I go with a simple bean and cheese taco because there’s a lot you can learn about a join from their classic bean and cheese. First of all, what are there tortillas like? At Burrito Tapatio, they are fresh but more importantly, fluffy. Another important element are the beans. Burrito Tapatio’s beans taste great and not overly greasy. If you have those two things down then pretty much everything else is golden. Another positive about this place is, they serve barbacoa everyday. My personal recommendation, I like to call the Mexican surf and turf, order yourself 2 quesadillas, one with beef fajita and the second one with shrimp. The taco salad is also worth it just for the golden brown crusty tortilla it’s served in.

roy maas

2. Roy Maas Youth Alternative  – Located practically across the street from Burrito Tapatio. Roy Maas is a thrift store but also is a non-profit aimed at helping out troubled kids. The thrift store is full of tasty treasures including books, records, comics, and VHS tapes. It would be easy to spend a whole day there sifting through everything and they usually hook it up on prices. Saturday is the best day to go for amazing discounts and sometimes they let you spin a wheel for an extra discount off of your total purchase. Great place for culture diggers.

3. Alien Worlds – 6900 San Pedro. Not the biggest comic book store in San Antonio but easily the best thanks to its friendly staff. Our homie and Alien World employee, Nick, is a comic book / pop culture encyclopedia and can probably answer any question you have. I give them tons of credit also for taking the time to show my kids how to properly play Pokemon and they hooked them up with some extra cards to be able to have a full starter deck.

4. Pho Thien An – 126 W Rector #108, located across from North Star Mall. We have tried quite a few different pho spots around town but we keep comparing all of them to Pho Thien An and the others don’t compare. Pho Thien An easily has the best pho broth that will perfectly medicate you if you are feeling just a little under the weather. These guys also deliver in case you are in the mood to order in.

5. Chicago Pizza – 5525 Blanco Rd. – This is the place that I get cravings for. They have an amazing Chicago style, deep dish pizza. This deep dish pizza, loaded up with sauce and creamy cheese upon a delectable crust will put you into a food coma with just one slice. It’ll take 30 minutes for one of these beauties to be made, perfection takes time, call head and order. They have tons of specials including a free regular pizza when you order one of the Chicago style pizzas.



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