San Antonio : a Spotify Playlist of all things SATX Music


 San Antonio is known for a few very specific things but for those who really want to understand the city better, I have put together a Spotify playlist that features 118 tracks and over 7 hours of music. My hopes in putting together this playlist is that the sounds of our city will find their way to listeners and that each person that listens to the playlist will find at least a handful of new favorite artists. The playlist spans several decades and covers a fairly decent range of genres. Compiling this mixtape would not have been possible without the help of some knowledgeable people. Here’s a few of the people that really lent a hand in compiling these tracks. (Peyton Shows, Patrick Watson, Miles Terracina, Ben Judson, Mack Damon & Jim Beal) Without a doubt, key bands and albums were probably left off…some for the reason that they aren’t available on Spotify or just completely out of print. Please feel free to send more suggestions as this is a work in progress. Thanks and enjoy.


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