My top 5 of 2014

This might be a little misleading because the title states my top 5 of 2014, however the following list are things that made my 2014 more enjoyable even though most on the list were not created or published in 2014. Without further ado

1. 20th Century Boys – Naoki Urusawa – Manga (1999-2006)

This twisting mystery meets sci-if reminds me of the bond of a group of kids similar to Stand by Me or the gang of It who use their imaginations to create an odd future that actually begins to come to fruition as they grow older. In the year 2015 a masked cult leader rises to power named only, The Friend, and it’s up to the old gang to put an end to his plan. This is 20+ series of manga but it was also converted into 3 live action Japanese films in case you aren’t into all the reading.


2. Key & Peele – TV Series (Seasons 1-3)

Thanks and major shoutout to our homie that hooked us up on a Hulu account because I may not have learned how great this show was without Hulu. The level of consistent humor that these 2 guys and their writers come up with is staggering. These dudes have so much talent I can only hope to see their success continue. With so much strife in the world, a good laugh is always a good dosage of medicine.


3. Jon Hopkins – Immunity (2013)

Immunity was an album that I had on repeat throughout most of the year. The combination of hauntingly beautiful melodies, pads, and pianos  mixed with the grimy, distorted percussion was perfect. The tracks take you to a beautiful, contemplative state but the bounciness of the rhythm makes it still something that makes you want to dance.

4. Horns (2010) / NOS4A2 (2013) – Joe Hill

Who would have thought that the son of Stephen King would be a great writer himself? I highly recommend reading anything by Joe Hill including his Locke and Key graphic novel series. His books are easy reads that kept me turning page after page, anticipating the next part of the stories. Hills genre is partly horror mixed with a little fantasy but not fairy / wizard fantasy. Horns was actually turned into a film that came out last month starring Daniel Radcliffe. Still haven’t watched it though because $7.99 for video on demand? Nah can’t do that.

5. Cajun Chef Hotsauce

This just made everything I ate taste just right.


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